3m scotchkote liquid roofing

3m scotchkote liquid roofing have produced their range of liquid membranes for flat roof repairs to give you a long-lasting guaranteed waterproofing solution. As accredited installers, you can choose a guarantee of 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 25 years.

As well as being extremely cost effective for flat roof repairs over the long term, being cold-applied there is no need for heat or flames on your roof which could reduce your insurance premiums.

In addition they cut down on landfill as all 3M coatings can be applied onto existing surfaces which also means that you can continue working underneath the roof repair with minimal disruption.

Benefits of Scotchkote Liquid Membrane:

  • Cost effective durable waterproof coating
  • Minimal disruption during work
  • Guarantees to suit your needs from 5-25 years
  • Reduces landfill

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Roofing & External Waterproofing Coatings

3M™ Scotchkote™ Roofing brings the innovation of a global leader in technology to protect and shelter our assets and our people by providing roofing systems which give us sustainable waterproofing protection in all situations.

Scotchkote liquid roof systems are tough, cold applied membranes giving exceptional durability and lasting peace of mind. These systems provide a lasting barrier to water penetration, will not embrittle and are highly resistant to sunlight. Easily applied to all types of roof structure their liquid composition allows complex shapes to be easily and seamlessly waterproofed without removal, in many cases, to the existing substrate, meaning less disruption during application.

15 & 25 Year Flat Roof System

These systems are high build, moisture triggered polyurethane membranes that cure together to form a seamless, durable waterproof coating for all flat roof types reinforced with Scotchkote Premier Reinforcing Mat 050 (15 year) or Scotchkote Premier Plus Reinforcing Mat 055 (25 years) depending on the system chosen.

3m scotchkote liquid roofing