Containment Bund Linings

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Chemical Bund Lining Solutions.

Containment of chemicals is essential as it can be hazardous to life.

Chemical | Bund | Lining.

Contact Us if you require industrial lining for Bunds, Cold Water Storage Tanks or Cooling Towers.

Containment Bund Linings

Containment Bund Linings – LAM provide economical, durable fibreglass linings.

Containment Bund Linings are protective coating systems for primary and secondary containment tanks, these surfaces areas are therefore primarily used to seal, strengthen, protect and enhance the chemical resistance properties of the floors and walls of the containment area or structure. Fibreglass is long lasting and copes well with normal structural movement and because it’s impact resistant and easy to clean it’ll remains relatively maintenance free for several years.

Bund Repairs & Maintenance

LAM can make any necessary repairs, upgrades or extensions.

GRP linings mean the difference between a cost-effective bund repair and an expensive bund replacement.

Protective and reliable Bund Lining systems can be required in all types of buildings and other facilities for many different uses.

  • Delivery and sales outlets
  • Power generation and distribution network
  • Waste water and sewage treatment plants
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industry and their fuel storage
  • Industrial, commercial, agricultural and leisure facilities

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