Tank Lining & Refurbishment

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Tank Lining & Refurbishment

Badly corroded and damaged chemical storage, water storage and cooling tower vessels can easily be fully refurbished with an in-situ applied WRAS approved GRP or Epoxy tank lining system for less than half the cost of installing a new tank.

Our tank lining and repair services are proving to be a huge success and in many cases has been the only practical and affordable solution to bring leaking and dilapidated tanks back into full service and operation.

We use a range of trusted and reliable systems to produce high quality, seamless, corrosion proof and waterproof linings. Tank lining materials include GRP (fibreglass), 3M Epoxy coatings and Polyurethane coatings.

Specifications are available on request for all types of storage tanks and contents including aggressive chemicals through to potable liquids.

The preparation is usually carried out by our specialist blast cleaning team.

All tank linings are carried out in accordance with our stringent health and safety procedures. Our installation teams are fully trained and certified for work in confined spaces.

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