Water Feature Lining

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Water Features Lining – Design & Installation

Water Features Lining – Design & Installation

Water Features Lining – LAM are perfectly positioned to provide design, installation, maintenance and restoration of Water Features, ranging from large commercial and residential developments to individual installations in specific locations. We install hand-crafted water features for domestic, urban and commercial landscapes.

LAM work alongside design professionals to ensure their experience is used from the outset, we will use our technical knowledge to ensure the installation goes ahead smoothly, and minimises the need for subsequent maintenance work.


We are able to provide highly professional aftercare for water feature installations, ensuring the ongoing success of the design and its impact on the surroundings.

Our maintenance work is fully documented, providing all the water treatment required and covering all aspects of current Health & Safety legislation.


LAM can fully restore and rejuvenate any existing water feature.

We can carry out all necessary adjustments, service all parts relating to water flow and provide a fully documented maintenance service to ensure many years of trouble free use and keep the feature performing as was first intended.

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