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High Performance GRP Liquid Waterproofing Repairs and Lining Services.

From Inspection to Protection

Industrial GRP Lining Services

Tank Lining Services

Prone to Leaks, Wet areas around any concrete or steel water storage tanks are amongst one of the signs you will see if there is an issue with your tank lining.

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Bund Lining Services

Containment Bund Linings are protective coating systems for primary and secondary containment tanks used to seal, strengthen, protect and enhance.

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Cooling Tower Lining

Vessels are constantly wet when in use and exposed to the external elements causing most traditional coating systems to either deteriorate and fail rapidly.

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Containment Linings

Applications Specific GRP Fibreglass Lining primarily designed for Construction industry, Agriculture, Food Manufacturers and Large Maintenance Companies.

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Commercial and Residential GRP Repair Services.

Commercial GRP Lining Services

We manufacture your GRP Lining requirements on site. Our Waterproofing System is very flexible and whilst wet can be moulded around complex roofing requirements. LAM’s GRP Lining System is designed to specification to seal, strengthen, protect and enhance your flat roofs.

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Pond Liners and Pool Lining Services

We manufacture application specific Pool and Pond Liners using GRP Fibreglass. Our Waterproofing System is Available For Many Substrates Including but not limited to Concrete, Steel and GRP used to seal, strengthen, protect and enhance your experience.

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Our first Step is a quote and Site Inspection


On approval, we prepare all the surfaces for application


Dependant on application, we combine resin and glass fibre to your specification.


We offer bespoke solutions that are so versatile for concrete and steel.

Other GRP Lining Services

Why choose LAM?

  • Safety is our highest priority
  • We recognise our customer’s value requirements and address them from the outset
  • Innovative solutions based on sound principles
  • Outstanding products and quality of service to all of customers.
LAM can fully restore and rejuvenate any existing water feature.

We can carry out all necessary adjustments, service all parts relating to water flow and provide a fully documented maintenance service to ensure many years of trouble free use and keep the feature performing as was first intended.
LAM work alongside design professionals to ensure their experience is used from the outset, we will use our technical knowledge to ensure the installation goes ahead smoothly, and minimises the need for subsequent maintenance work.

Also known as Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), fibreglass mouldings can be produced in any shape and size, with the versatility of these mouldings being one of their main advantages over other, more traditional alternatives.
Low maintenance requirement can make fibreglass a ‘fit and forget’ alternative to traditional, more costly, materials.
Specifications are available on request for all types of Fibreglass GRP Lining Applications for water features, ponds, swimming pools and much more… .
LAM have covered material manufacturers training programmes and accreditations to enable clients to benefit from comprehensive warranties that cover both materials and workmanship.
A complete turnkey service is offered by LAM for liquid roofing systems for both new build and refurbishment projects. Our service will include U value calculations, detailed design & drawings, insulation, roof outlets, gutters & downpipes and fully specified green roof and living roof finishes.

Flat roofs are usually considered a maintenance problem on most domestic properties old and new. At least 7 out of 10 flat roofs that are surveyed by LAM are poorly designed and therefore problems are inherent for any type of traditional roof covering materials which are proposed.

The most commonly used and traditional flat roof coverings such as mineral felt and asphalt require regular maintenance along seams and joints and along details where the material is dressed around awkward shaped corners and upstands.


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Condemned Effluent Tank Cleaning and Repair

LAM GRP Lining System for GRP Repairs and Lining for your industry.

  • High Tensile Strength

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Potable Water / WRAS

  • Hygienic

  • HSE Compliant

  • Fire Retardant

  • Moulded to Specifications

  • No Premade Products

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