LAM uses a fibreglass roofing overlay system which carry a 25 year warranty.

With today’s advanced fibreglass roofing technology, embraced by LAM, there is a now a cost effective, long term, fit and forget solution for domestic flat roofs.

Poor drainage is usually associated with these type of flat roof materials as traditional solar reflective shingle is loose laid upon the surface to prevent the surface from cracking and becoming brittle in UV sunlight.

Flat roofs are usually considered a maintenance problem on most domestic properties old and new. At least 7 out of 10 flat roofs that are surveyed by LAM are poorly designed and therefore problems are inherent for any type of traditional roof covering materials which are proposed.

The most commonly used and traditional flat roof coverings such as mineral felt and asphalt require regular maintenance along seams and joints and along details where the material is dressed around awkward shaped corners and upstands.

Traditional roofing shingle becomes wet and a bed for the growth of moss, algae and lichen which soon takes over then becomes a further moisture trap by overloading the roof and creating sunken areas that hold too much water.

Gradually during winter months the dips in the roof allow water to penetrate into seams and joints as the water repeatedly freezes and thaws.

Our GRP roofing solution provides a robust waterproof finish that is a smart and neatly finished upgrade that includes preformed edge details suitable for old or new properties.

LAM GRP Roofing Benefits

Cost Effective

Save Money

Long Term Value

Add Value

Fit and Forget

Peace of mind


Your Benefits

  • Overlay options – no need to completely strip off old roof coverings
  • Fast efficient installation service with no mess and minimal disruption
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Cold Applied – no flame or hot works
  • Totally seamless
  • Tough and durable smart looking finish with decorative edge trims for old and new properties
  • UV stable and colour options available
  • Prices from £45 p/m2



GRP Roof Installation - 2 New Glass Fibre Roofs Installed GRP (Kent), GRP Roof Installation - GRP Lining (Kent)
Leaking Roof - GRP Lining (Brighton, Kent), Leaking Roof - GRP Lining
Orangery Refurbishment (Tunbridge Wells, Kent), Orangery Refurbishment
Orangery Flat Roof Replacement (Sevenoaks, Kent), Orangery Flat Roof Replacement


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