Electronic Leak Detection

Liquid Applied Membranes Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) service provides a non-invasive means of detecting pinhole leaks in a flat roofs membrane. Any defects within the waterproofing membrane are identified to within mm accuracy, providing targeted and effective repairs to that of complete roof replacement.

Although often referred to as the “wet test”, this method can be used with or without the addition of water (with different testing apparatus) making it an ideal roof leak investigation method for use on any flat or low-pitched roof to identify defects in exposed membrane or ballasted systems.

We also use the “dry test”. This method is ideal for use on any flat or low pitched roof to identify defects in exposed membrane systems allowing for a quicker testing schedule identifying defects such as pinholes and punctures.

Electronic Leak Detection tests can only be performed in dry conditions.

Electronic Leak Detection tests give reassurance that the roof is fit for purpose once a system is applied to either a new build or refurbishment. It can prevent costly repairs as it can detect if leaks are only present in a small area.


  • Compatible with 99% of flat roofs
  • Detects pinhole leaks
  • Quick and efficient method
  • Non-invasive (zero damage to roof)
  • Able to detect as little as 2% excess moisture
  • Instantaneous, clear indications of roof conditions
  • Continuous operation for un-interrupted coverage
  • Locates boundaries of wet areas quickly
  • More than twice as fast as nuclear meters
  • Able to test thinner roofs
Electronic Leak Detection