Repair & Aftercare

To support existing flat roofs and our own liquid roofing installations LAM offer a complete flat roof repair and maintenance service. All types of flat roof coverings require regular visual inspections as well as routine maintenance which form part of most warranty conditions. Its a well known fact that most damage caused to flat roof coverings and associated nuisance problems with leaks could have been avoided if a flat roof has regular maintenance and repair.

LAM roof maintenance for both commercial and residential installations:

  • Gutter cleaning and repairs – box gutter or other
  • Roof outlet maintenance and repairs
  • Roof surface cleaning
  • Facia and soffit repairs and maintenance
  • Emergency repairs/Patch repairs
  • Repairs around new roof penetrations
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Roof access safety systems – Installation, testing and repairs
  • Dilapidation repairs and surveys
  • Insurance work undertaken