The inside of a cooling tower is a very harsh environment that will push any type of paint, lining or coating system to its limits.

Vessels are constantly wet when in use and largely exposed to the external elements causing most traditional coating systems to either deteriorate and fail within a year or less.

With the added shock dose chlorine treatments that are used periodically for sterilisation a cooling tower requires a robust, seamless and hygienic finished lining that is easy to clean, chemical resistant with mechanical strength.

A GRP lining system provides just that:

  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Totally seamless forming a tank within a tank
  • Top coat with approved WRAS finish suitable for potable water storage tank systems
  • Mechanical strength – fibreglass reinforcement built up in layers as required for added thickness
  • Cold applied therefore no hot works required
  • Existing surfaces easily prepared and repaired. Rust is treated to prevent any further oxidisation
  • Suitable for all types of metals and plastics
  • 10 year warranty system
  • Legionella prevention – Ensures cooling towers are kept free of legionella takes more than just water treatment. Corroded and scaled internal vessels are ideal conditions for bacterial growth and aerosol release

GRP linings are 3-4mm thick and allow you a choice of finish colours to suit individual requirements. Installations are usual carried out in less then a week incorporating preparation and cure times to minimise service down times. All operatives are trained to the highest possible standard and they hold confined spaces entry training certificates to comply with HSE regulations.

For all you cooling tower coating refurbishment needs either internal or external please contact out friendly technical sales team at LAM

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