Project Description

Client Brief

A manufacturer of leading brand pickles and sauces in the UK, contacted Liquid Applied Membranes as a matter of urgency due to the failure of one of the effluent tanks. Liquid Applied Membranes attended site to undertake the initial survey and once completed were able to put together detailed recommendations and proposals. On further inspection, it was noted that the containment bunds were not compliant to HSE regulations and also require refurbishment to comply with the environment agency standard requirements.

The proposal by Liquid Applied Membranes was reviewed and considered by our client amongst others in terms of

  • Quality
  • Technical compliance
  • Suitability
  • Value for money
  • Supported warranty

On appointment, our feedback received relating to the proposal is that Liquid Applied Membranes stood out amongst others who satisfied all the client specific requirements.

Client Requirements

  • Preparation for New GRP Lining Upgrade
  • Immediate Action Required by Environmental Agency
  • Time Sensitive Installation
  • Working Alongside External works contractors
  • Inspection of Lining By Environmental Agency Required Before Sign-off
  • Time Given 12 Weeks
  • Fast Lead time to help customer achieve their Lining Objectives.

Client Solution

With the critical nature of Primary and Secondary Containment in their business process, Liquid Applied Membranes proposal offered a GRP Lining Fibreglass Upgrade solution that is designed for Industry and Plant, including Grey Water Systems.

This Includes

  • Chemical resistant GRP (fibreglass) lining system
  • High specification chopped strand matting materials
  • Vinyl ester resins.
  • HSE and Environmental Compliant Lining GRP Containment Solution

Liquid Applied Membranes assisted with recommendations to solve the problem of long term waterproofing of the main effluent tank farm bund with immediate action required showing commitment to providing Environmental Lining Solution matched to specification.


Detailed Job Description

In the first instance, alterations to the bund walls had to be made by an externally appointed civil works contractor to increase the overall containment volume of the bunds.

Once the walls were extended and the bunds were fully steam cleaned and prepared, Liquid Applied Membranes applied a resin primer to seal the surfaces.

Following curing of the primer a double layer of fibreglass matting and tissue veil is applied and simultaneously “wet out” with the polyester resins to form a totally seamless reinforced lining to all internal surfaces of the bund. Finally the resin top coat is applied incorporating a non-slip aggregate on the base with highlighted walkway steps in traffic yellow.

Once completed the environment agency were so satisfied and pleased with the end results of the bund lining works that has been achieved, they are now putting Liquid Applied Membranes solution forward to others requiring similar works.


GRP membrane to specification requested, LAM offer a Fully Managed Turnkey solution.

  • High Pressure wash to remove any surface laitance
  • GRP Lining of all internal surfaces
  • Lining Inspection and Testing certified
  • 10 Year Lining Guarantee
  • Bund Lining Exceeding 1000 Metres Squared.
  • Fully Managed Start to finish
  • No disruption to surrounding area
  • No disruption to works.
  • Leak free GRP Lining Membrane Substrate(s)
  • Concrete Time Taken : 10 Weeks

Contract Value : £TBA

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