Superior Industrial Rated GRP Lining System

Industrial Containment requires stable linings to create the protection that is needed to be within HSE Directives and tolerances. Applications Specific GRP Fibreglass Lining primarily designed for Construction industry, Agriculture, Food Manufacturers and Large Maintenance Companies.

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GRP Lining for Industrial Applications

We offer a range of tank linings and bund linings to suit almost any environment. Liquid Applied Membranes Ltd, supply and install linings for primary and secondary containment of petrochemicals.

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Primary Containment Liquid Applied Membranes are used for primary containment as tank linings to provide a tank in a tank impact resistant lining.

Secondary Containment Secondary containment is achieved in most chemical/oil tank situations by building the tank inside a reservoir – in this case called a ‘bund’ – which has sufficient capacity to contain the contents of the tank should it leak or fail.

Bund lining materials must have a chemical resistance suitable for primary containment of the stored product plus the strength and other required resistances for long term exposure to the atmosphere where the bund is located (as the bunds stand empty all their life). For this reason, reinforced materials are often used for bund lining. Chemical resistances must include rainwater and other localised contamination (for example on an aerodrome there is often aviation fuel contamination from aircraft engine exhaust).

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Liquid Applied Membranes operates within the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

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LAM can add value to any project by tailoring value engineering solutions to help the client save on cost whilst maximising performance.

LAM is responsible for sales, estimating, design and installation.

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