Sprinkler systems play a vital role in the protection of life and assets. LAM provides specialist services to ensure the integrity of sprinkler tanks, to guarantee sprinkler systems are always ready to fight fires.

LAM’s bespoke solutions are customised to suit the requirements of each project, meeting the needs of insurers as well as providing peace of mind for businesses and municipalities.

All staff are fully trained, professional workforce and leaders in Sprinkler Tank Inspection, sprinkler tank repair and GRP sprinkler tank linings.

Sprinkler Tank Inspections

LAM’s is a responsible Linings Company working Nationwide to provide the most accurate picture of your Tank Linings overall health. Our straightforward inspection process can be applied in-sit, saving valuable time and costs associated with water wastage, short-term increases to insurance premiums and re-commissioning. At LAM we believe that our Inspection reports and recommendations form a solid basis for future planned maintenance.

Sprinkler Tank Repair

We honour and deliver cost-effective, impact resistant and guaranteed sprinkler tank repair services that can be completed in as little as seven days. LAM Nationwide Water Solutions uses trusted repair systems that not only eliminate leaks and corrosion but also protect sprinkler tanks for years.

Our repairs are guaranteed for 10-years, make LAM part of your maintenance team. Our repair methods also aid cleaning become part of your  planned maintenance processes.

Sprinkler Tank Lining

Choose our sprinkler tank lining service for the most cost-effective alternative that is durable and reliable. If your sprinkler water storage solution to tanks that are exhibiting signs of wear. This high quality service costs much less than installing a new tank – in fact, up to 80 per cent less. LAM Nationwide Lining Water Solutions’ sprinkler tank lining system is economical, effective and lasts for years.

We offer an Inspection Service that includes a report detailing the actions required to rectify any areas of concern.

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